Vision and Mission

Since its establishment in 1984 the college has endeavored to adhere strictly to its motto of “Excelsior, Excelsior.” The vision of the institution is overall growth and development of community life at individual as well as societal level; and establishment of an order which promotes total welfare at grassroots level; and preparation of such worthy citizens who can lead the nation on to greater and higher levels of progress and achievement; and to bring about a qualitative change for the better in the catchment area. The mission of the college is to develop and inculcate in the students spirit of competitiveness, scientific outlook, community service and humanitarianism. The objective of the institution is to produce capable and healthy individuals through pragmatic training in truthfulness, and to inculcate in them commitment to the welfare and progress of society and the cherished ideals of our nation enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution, namely, freedom, equality and justice, and to enable individuals to know their own as well as others’ intellectual potentialities and to promote in them awareness of human values, so that they become responsible members of society by the time they bid farewell to the institution after finishing their respective courses. We believe that good education must infuse a spirit of nationalism and patriotism in those who get it.


The vision and objectives of the college are to develop balanced personalities keeping intellectual, ethical, emotional and spiritual aspects in harmony. Therefore, all the programmes pertaining to teaching and learning and personality development are structured for the students to learn and practice the qualities of:

  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering Global Competencies
  • Acquiring a Value System
  • Quest for Excellence
  • Promoting the Use of Technology
  • Truthfulness, curiosity, quest for knowledge, spirit of enquiry and capability of introspection
  • Dignity of labour, proper utilization of time, regularity, punctuality, self-help, self-support, obedience, duty and loyalty to
    the institution
  • Simple living, prudence, resourcefulness, courage, leadership, justice, teamwork, team spirit and self-sacrifice.
  • Self-confidence with faith in God
  • Maintenance of a well-nourished, healthy and agile physique
  • Acquiring the habit of a disciplined and regulated life
  • Developing interest to participate in service activities
  • Showing reverence to parents and elders and honouring the dignity of individuals
  • Kindness, courtesy, good manners, helpfulness, fellow-feeling, gentlemanliness, unwillingness to hurt others, readiness to cope with adversity, compassion, universal love, awareness of responsibility as a citizen, and value of national property.

About Us

The late Mahant Shri Shivgir established Baba Balak Nath College in Chakmoh, a rural and economically backward place in the district of Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh, in August 1984. The college is a premier higher education institution of this economically and socially backward region. Read More



Baba BalakNath Post Graduate College Chakmoh, Distt. Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh-176039


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