Naresh Kumar Thakur

Dear Students,
BBN College welcomes you in the 34th batch of this institution. Since 1984, we are striving for better future of young boys and girls to survive in this competitive world. Creating a healthy socio-cultural and physical environment for the overall development of personality supported by positive thinking is the main thrust of our institution. All our efforts to attain a certain academic goal depend upon a joint venture of students who conform to the ideals of discipline and cooperation and the well qualified faculty which help and assist the administration and the students to construct and maintain the ideals of healthy environment. In this regard we have maintained a wellqualified faculty strictly following the norms laid down by the UGC, HP Govt. and HP University Shimla-5. Dear students, you are expected to make full use of your time, money and energy in this congenial atmosphere by following the path of discipline, hard work and due regard for your teachers for the overall development of community life at individual as well as societal level and establishment of an order which promotes total welfare at grassroots level Dear students, it is the age of cut-throat competition. Apart from being adept in the field of studies, one needs to have the holistic development of person here. In the perspective of vast changing scenario of globalization, varied knowledge enhancing activities and projects as Subject Quiz, Environment Quiz and Inter-faculty Quiz are regular features and students are kept abreast of the latest in the field of computer education and information by making them have expert views in various seminars and workshops on career counseling. Different societies and associations like NSS, Literary Associations and Societies inculcate not only love for social service, discipline, compassion for nature, agility and awareness for one’s rights and duties, pride for Indian culture and tradition; but also make them good human beings and confident leaders. Subject specific cells and associations guide the students in their field. College magazine “SIDH GOSHTHI” provides a useful outlet for the students with a literary bent of mind to express their latent talent. The college library subscribes to all types of books, magazines and journals required to provide the latest information to the students at the state/ national level. Dear students the college has a distinguished reputation in the field of sports and cultural activities too. Our sports students have won many medals and participated in university and inter-university level competitions. I strongly believe that you would have an all-round development of your personality during your stay in this temple of learning. Make it a habit to read newspapers daily and ensure the optimum use of library. Respect your teachers and college staff. Mutual love and co-operation, discipline, focused approach, the notion of compassion and sacrifice for the nation, passion for cleanliness of your college premises and environment in general, agility and alertness for eco-balance would definitely go a long way to provide you a blissful and successful life. Time management is another asset in the fervent stride for success; ensure your attendance in the classes. Endeavour to be better human beings while foraying in the competitive life realizing your dreams. Honesty and integrity should be your second names and with this you would definitely turn out to be the best citizens ndowed with humanistic values after getting formally instructed from this institution and would open new horizons of development and bliss for our country. I hope that the preparation of such worthy citizens like you will lead the nation on to greater and higher levels of progress and achievement. I wish you a bright future and success in the years to come


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The late Mahant Shri Shivgir established Baba Balak Nath College in Chakmoh, a rural and economically backward place in the district of Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh, in August 1984. The college is a premier higher education institution of this economically and socially backward region. Read More



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