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Students Course-wise Assessment and Evaluation

All courses involve an evaluation system of students that has the following two components: Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) accounting for 30% of the final grade that a student gets in a course; and End-Semester Examination (ESE) accounting for the remaining 70% of the final grade that the student gets in a course.

Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA):

 This would have the following components:

1. Classroom Attendance – Each student will have to attend a minimum of 75% Lectures / Tutorials / Practical’s. A student having less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination (ESE). Those having between 74% and 65% attendance will apply for exemption in a prescribed form accompanied by clear reason(s) for absence to the head of the institution. Those having between 64% and 50% attendance will apply for exemption in a prescribed form accompanied by a Medical Certificate from a Government Hospital to the head of the institution. The exemption from 75% attendance will be given to those participating in prescribed co- curricular activities (e.g. NCC, NSS, Youth Festivals, Sports etc.) to the extent of
25%. However the condition of 50% attendance will be compulsory in these cases. The claim for this exemption should be supported by authenticated certificate from 15 the concerned authorities. The candidates those getting the exemptions, except for those getting exemptions for co-curricular activities, will not be entitled for getting the CCA marks for classroom attendance as given below. Classroom Attendance Incentive: The incentive for the classroom attendance (forthose participating in Co-curricular activities, 25% will be added to per cent attendance) will be awarded CCA marks as follows:

Marks for Attendance: below 75% = Zero (0) mark; 75 – 79% = 1 marks; 80 – 84% = 2 marks; 85 – 89% = 3 marks; 90 – 94% = 4 marks & 95 – 100 % = 5 marks.

2.Minor Examination Rules – There will be a minor examination after the completion of 2/3 syllabus. Examination will be held only one time and students who fail to appear in the house examination will not be given a second chance. The date sheet for house examination will be announced later. Minor examination is one ingredient of CCA. Marks of CCA once uploaded cannot be changed. No correction /rectification shall be allowed once the awards have been verified by the Principal. Further, it is clarified that student shall be eligible to get the admit card, if he/she has qualified in CCA/IA i.e. 35% minimum, but he/she shall have to score 40% and 45% aggregate Marks in annual system and semester system as the case may be (Final theory exams and CCA). If a candidate fails to score 40% / 45% Marks in aggregate, he/she, only, have the option to appear in theory examination and CCA once uploaded and verified by the College shall not be subject to any change or improvement.  Students should take minor examination seriously. Absence from the minor examination for whatever reason would mean grant of zero mark in that particular paper/subject. No student will be allowed to take examination without his/her identity card. A student found guilty of using unfair means in the examination will be fined according to the gravity of the offence, and shall also be liable to expulsion from the college. Use of unfair means in the examination will be severely punished and will also automatically render a student ineligible for the award of any prize, concession, scholarship, etc for one year.

3. Seminar / Assignment / Term Paper – The remaining 10 marks of the CCA will be awarded on the basis of seminar / assignment / term paper etc. that the course teacher might give to the students.

B. End-Semester Examination (ESE):  The remaining 70% of the final grade of the student in a course will be on the basis of an end-semester examination (ESE) that will be for three hours duration and will be covering the whole syllabus of the course. Note:

I. Only those students will be allowed to appear in the ESE who have been successful in    CCA. 

II. The registration for the ESE will be done at the time of the enrolment for the course at the beginning of the semester. The fee for the ESE will also be collected at that time as decided by the university from time to time.

III. If a student is not permitted to appear in the ESE due to shortage of attendance beyond the exemption limit (< 50% attendance) shall be deemed to have ‘dropped’ the course. However, such candidate, on his / her written request to be made immediately, can be permitted to redo the missed semester after completing the rest of the programme or whenever the course is offered subsequently. This redoing would mean complete course including CCA and ESE.